Wednesday, November 30, 2011

These are not the droids we were waiting for... A Necron Codex Review (part 1 of 4 - Summary)

A Disclaimer
I have been an avid fan of Necrons for several years now.  What I say in this blog may be considered offensive to some, annoying to others, and probably meaningless to more.  If you love the direction of the new Necron codex or know nothing of the old codex, you might want to pass on reading my review.

The review below is rather long (divided into four parts), covering my opinions on the models, fluff, and rules.  Though I make many a snarky and cynical comment in this blog, these are my opinions...  nothing more.

So you’re still reading.  Well, welcome aboard.  If you don’t agree with me I hope I can at least wrench a smile from ya.

Note: When I use the terms '3e' and '5e', I am referring to the third and fifth edition Necron codices.

The Overall Verdict
0b010 Scarabs 


It’s official, we’ve been ‘Warded’.

The good:
  • Necrons get quite a few new units
  • Necrons are likely to be more competitive
  • Some old favorites (Scarabs, Wraiths) are now amazing

The bad:
  • A complete reboot of the Necron fluff resulting in dead plot arcs and spoiled enigmas (Mat Ward's influence is obvious)
  • Ridiculous looking models straight out of ancient Egypt
  • Severe nerf of iconic Necron units and abilities
  • Necrons have lost much of their uniqueness including a move to the so called ‘mechanized era’
  • Somewhat gimmicky special powers; internal balance issues

Though the codex has some flavor and might to make the Necrons more competitive in a tournament, the reboot of the Necron fluff is likely to make this a disappointing release for long time Necron players.  For them it may be time to move on to other things...  For those that haven’t yet played Necrons or only knew them in passing, it may be worth checking out.

So what’s my plan?  Though I’m one of the old school Necron players, I have also made some serious investments in Necrons (time and cash).  Players like me have a choice: move on or make the best of it.  I’m, for one, am still struggling with that decision.  Perhaps Mat Ward, the primary author of the codex, will get eaten by a Flayed One.  One can hope.  Monitor this blog and you’ll find out what I decided.

Some people are saying that it is unlikely we will see the performance of this army until 6th edition comes out.  I will believe it when I see it.

I'm writing separate in-depth reviews of the fluff, models, and rules.  Stay tuned.