Friday, January 20, 2012

Necron FAQ is available!

My reactions to the recent Necron FAQ.

  • Ever-living does indeed allow you a Reanimation Protocol role if a unit is wiped out.  Glad they cleared that up...
  • GW confirmed the near uselessness of the Dispersion Shield.
  • Whip Coils are weakened a bit since they occur before any other initiative boosting items.  This one small clarification removes them as the answer-all for Necron assault.
  • Canoptek Spiders can still spit out Scarabs even if locked in CC.  Nice...
  • We got the Death Ray question answered..  Of course we all already knew the answer GW would give.
  • The ability for an Overlord to use his Sweep Attack and then assault has been confirmed.  Not that we would want our Overlord getting into assault.  F'ing I2!
  • Interesting that GW defined the firing arc for the Gauss Flayer Array but not the Gauss Flux Arc.
  • Mindshackle Scarabs can be used against a unit of one..  Sweet!
  • I'm really surprised that the facing of Arc'ed Tesla hits are resolved using the position of the shooter.  That makes no sense at all.
  • Veil of Darkness can be used to arrive from reserve.  This will be really nice if the 6e rumors concerning Deep Strike are true.
  • Solar Pulse is confirmed to cease Imotekh's storm.
  • The Cryptek chronometron can be used to reroll Imotekh's Night Fighting roll.  Eat it IG!
  • Royal Court members can benefit from Hunters from Hyperspace, however that unit can only Deep Strike if it has that rule.  Lame!
  • GW confirmed that only the optional war gear of the Crypteks needs to be unique to a Royal Court.
  • Score!  You can attach one model from each Royal Court to the same unit.

FAQ can be found here.

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